A Clean Kitchen is a Healthy Kitchen

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During this pandemic, many have found themselves spending a significant amount of time at home cooking. The CDC has specific information on how to clean and disinfect for COVID-19. If you are not dealing with COVID-19 disinfection and cleaning needs at your home, there are still items you can address to keep your kitchen healthy. Making a habit out of regular cleaning makes chores easier.

Here is a list of cleaning suggestions for your kitchen:

Regularity Task
Daily Wash dishes, wipe kitchen work surfaces (countertops, cooktops, sinks), sweep floor, empty trash
Weekly Check refrigerator and discard spoiled food, mop floor, scrub kitchen sink, disinfect kitchen cleaning sponges, wash and rinse kitchen trash can
At least every 3-6 months Wash kitchen cabinetry, thoroughly clean refrigerator and microwave
Yearly or as needed Clean out and wash cupboards, wash walls and woodwork, wash curtains/window covering, clean oven, wash light fixtures

Source: Extension Healthy Homes