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Babysitter Backpack Training Resources

The Babysitter's Backpack: Ages and StagesThe Babysitter’s Backpack: Ages and Stages

Understanding different stages of early childhood development.

The Babysitter's Backpack: Are You Ready to Babysit?The Babysitter’s Backpack: Are You Ready to Babysit?

Checklist of steps to complete before babysitting.

The Babysitter's Backpack: Business and MarketingThe Babysitter’s Backpack: Business and Marketing

Tips for making babysitting a stable and professional source of employment.

The Babysitter's Backpack: Got an Interview!The Babysitter’s Backpack: Got an Interview!

Steps for having a successful interview.

The Babysitter's Backpack: Positive DisciplineThe Babysitter’s Backpack: Positive Discipline

How to use positive discipline to reinforce positive behavior.

The Babysitter's Backpack: Safety and BabysittingThe Babysitter’s Backpack: Safety and Babysitting

Creating a safe environment for young children.