The Ready Campaign Suggests Using National Parents to Day to Help Prepare Families for Emergencies

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With hurricane season upon us, now is the time to prepare for disasters and emergencies. The Ready Campaign suggests using National Parents’ Day on Sunday, July 22, to help families in your community prepare for emergencies.

The Ready Campaign has a number of resources to help parents prepare, regardless of the age of their children. Here are some suggestions:

  • Families should create a family emergency communication plan. Families may not be together when disaster strikes and it is essential that families plan on how to connect with one another.
  • Parents should learn about the emergency plans for their children’s daycare or school.
  • College-age students and parents can review Campus Ready. This resource encourages the gathering of information on the emergency procedures for schools and residence halls.
  • Families should practice their emergency plan and conduct drills to keep their family ready.

Disasters can be especially stressful for children. Parents can also use to find games, quizzes, and other resources that help make disaster planning fun for young children and teens, while sharing the importance of emergency preparedness.

In addition to the resources available from The Ready Campaign, there are many Extension resources for adult families members to help prepare and recover from disasters. To learn more, visit the NC Disaster Information Center site.

As well as After the Flood video series on the NC State Extension Channel.

NC Disaster Information Center website

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