Family Communication Plan for Emergencies

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Hurricane season began June 1 and now is the time to prepare for how you and your family will communicate during potential disasters such as a hurricane. All families need a plan for how they will communicate during times of emergencies. During disasters, you may be separated from your family. You may have family that lives out of town, state, or country that you will want to contact and let them know you are okay. Unfortunately, during emergencies, normal communication avenues such as phones and computers may not be reliable.

Before an emergency happens, make certain that you and your family make your Emergency Communication Plan.   FEMA suggests families begin by COLLECTING, SHARING, AND PRACTICING. Families should collect contact information, share a copy of that information with each other, and practice how they will communicate (through a variety of methods — phone, text, email, social media) when an emergency occurs.

Family Emergency Communication Plan