Is Your Home Hurricane Ready?

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While Hurricane Florence is moving closer to land, there is still time to perform simple actions to get your home ready for water and high winds.

– Clean gutters and drains
– Trim/prune trees to help prevent damage to trees and property
– Secure outdoor items as loose and light weight items may become projectiles during high winds
– Move items such as trash cans, outdoor furniture indoors
– Secure doors

– Locate the main electric fuse or circuit breaker box, water service shut-off, and natural gas main shut-off.
– Teach family members when and how to turn off utilities.
– Clear the area around shutoff switches for easy access.
– Attach shut-off wrench or specialty tool to a pipe or other location close by the gas and water shut-off valves.
– Paint shut-off valves with white or fluorescent paint to increase visibility.

Home Safety
– Plan how to escape from your home in the event of an emergency.
– Identify at least two exits from each room.
– Clear doors, hallways, and stairs of obstructions.
– Conduct an emergency drill with your family; practice daytime and nighttime escapes, and pick a safe meeting place outside the home.